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Scarves Make Wonderful Gifts for the Holidays

Cold weather means it’s scarf-time! As we move from fall to winter mode, the weather can range from cool mornings to balmy afternoons to frosty nights.  If you’re going to leave your home early and not get back till late, dressing for this kind of day can be a challenge. The versatile scarf is the perfect accessory for you!  Wrap yourself against the early-morning chill in a warm scarf and then leave it during the day when you might not need it, and throw it back on when you’re on your way home or out to dinner after dark. If you’re in a building where the heat hasn’t been turned on yet,  a warm scarf can be worn as a shawl. If you forget your gloves, a scarf with pockets is perfect to wrap your hands in!

The good news is that there are so many winter scarf looks to choose from.  You can go for a classic look in conservative colors and patterns

monochromatic rose scarf

made with traditional materials such as cashmere and wool and affordable blends like our sophisticated monochromatic rose pattern scarf.  Or you can wear a bright, rainbow scarf that brings a splash of color to the dreariest of winter days! Some scarves are thin and long, so you can wrap them around again and again and again, and some are wide. Luckily, there a multiple ways to wear a scarf of every size and shape!

One tip: take a few seconds to tie your scarf neatly, instead of just hanging it around your neck. You’ll look more polished and pulled-together, even if you’re dressed simply. You’ll be surprised how much of a statement a scarf can make, especially some of the super-stylish ones we’ve seen celebrities wearing. We all have our tried-and-true way of tying our scarves, but try out something new this season–here’s a great list of twelve different ways to tie a scarf!

A scarf is not just for girls. It is a classic, enduring holiday gift for men too, from a boss to a loved one!  A cashmere or wool or soft blend scarf just feels luxurious from the moment you touch it. Fun and funky scarves are great for younger people, like a niece or a cousin, while grandparents and bosses love the more conservative styles. You can never have too many scarves!

cashmere blend plaid scarf for men

Visit our website to see our entire selection of stylish, quality  scarves for men and for women that make wonderful affordable gifts for this holiday season! And stay warm!

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