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Before you know it, Mother’s Day will be here. Mother’s Day is probably  the most important occasion after Christmas and even more so, because it focuses on one (or no more than a few) person in your life. The PRESSURE to come up with a great gift for Mom is on!

How will you outdo last year? How will you make up for last year? Whatever your particular case, this year you will not wait until the last minute (because I am going to give you a great idea right now), and you are going to have a great gift wrapped and ready in plenty of time for May 8th.

Ready? This year we recommend Mom’s own lace monogram necklace from Jane Basch Designs. Available in several finishes and looks, this simply beautiful and elegant necklace will be a cherished piece for years to come. You just have to order it by April 8th to have it in time!

click image

When deciding which style to pick, here are a few factors to consider.

First, there is always price. Gotta stay within a budget. I (and Mom) will never advocate going into debt for a gift. The lace monogram necklace is available in sterling silver, gold filled and 14Kt gold. With LBM Gifts, you can save 10% off the regular price, get free shipping and free gift wrap.

Second to consider is size.  For us, the more popular size is the larger 1 5/8″  We also suggest the 16″ chain since it ends up being 17″ in overall length including the monogram piece.  However, the 18″ chain (19″ long including the initials) would be the choice for someone who wants/needs more length for a more comfortable fit or longer look. Meanwhile, the smaller 1 1/4″ style is just as lovely and a good choice for someone who is very petite or prefers a more understated look. Also, it is the perfect size for a young girl or teen.

click image

Last but not least is finish. Does she prefer the cool look of sterling silver or the warm feeling of gold?  Take a close look at what she usually wears and you won’t go wrong.

Now that you have found just the right thing, don’t forget that each one is custom made. That means it takes time! So don’t run off and forget to actually order it (deadline for Mother’s Day orders is 4/8). Mom is going to LOVE it! Take it from Mom-Me.

You can click here to order!





Comment from Jen
Time March 31, 2011 at 4:16 pm

I’ve been wanting this for awhile now! I think it’s such a timeless piece and so pretty too. Can’t wait to wear mine with my new initials, since I just got married in the summer!

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