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Happy Hunting for Easter Eggs!

The coloring of eggs reminds us that the cold season is now over and it is time to enjoy the blossoming of flowers. The colorful Easter Egg represents the birth of Spring as shown in several different cultures. In the Persian culture, coloring and dying of the eggs is a way to celebrate the holiday known as Nowrooz. Nowrooz is the celebration of the New Year for the Persians which happens to fall on the Spring equinox and has been taking place for the past 2,500 years. There are preserved sculptures that contain pictures of these hand painted eggs that were given to the Persian king. The eggs were also used in the form of a game where the eggs would be hidden so that the one who found the most eggs would win a prize. Similarly, today, egg hunts are part of the Easter celebration especially for children. Plastic eggs containing candy and other toys are be hidden the night before all over the yard so that on Easter morning, the children can excitedly go around and find as many eggs as they can. Don’t forget to include the grand prize, our Golden Egg Hunt Trophy, which will quickly become a family tradition.

The Golden Egg Hunt Trophy

The lucky person to find the Golden Egg not only wins the prize inside (so make it a good one!)  but also gets to write his/her name and year on it and gets to gloat until next year!  Have Easter baskets or pails ready for the kids to collect their eggs and count their finding afterwards!

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