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Giving the Gift of Bliss

When you’re buying a piece of jewelry, what do you look for? Do you look for classic beauty, or for the most fashion-forward item you can find?  Are you looking for a gift for your mother, sister, girlfriend or friend that will stand out and that she will treasure forever?  Why not choose a necklace or bracelet with meaning?

Spiritual jewelry crosses all cultures, and has been part of human society for thousands of years. Wearing a necklace or bracelet that is not only beautiful and exquisitely crafted but also speaks to the soul is a gift that goes far beyond the material object. They say “it’s the thought that counts”, and with a spiritual gift like this, your thoughts and wishes will be with her every time she wears it!

We all have so many wishes for the ones we love. The 100 Wishes necklace by Dogeared Jewels and Gifts is a fine sterling silver chain strung with 100 delicate sterling beads to represent those wishes–wishes for things like harmony, compassion, luck and confidence. Dogeared jewelry has been featured in may style magazines and this inspirational necklace from their bestseller collection is also a versatile, fashion-forward necklace that can be incorporated into a variety of looks.

Another way to give the gift of inspiration is with one of our Buddha bracelets.

The word Buddha means ‘Awakened One’. Enlightenment is at the center of Buddhism, and concepts of karma, enlightenment, meditation and self-realization are associated with Buddhism–which can be important things to help center us in today’s hectic world! Our beautiful Buddha bracelet features polished faceted agate beads and a peacefully smiling Buddha head. It comes in three different colors–so you can be sure you’ll find one to match the taste of your loved one! With the smiling, happy face of the Buddha on her wrist, she’ll always remember to keep herself centered.

Spiritual jewelry has been used for protective purposes since ancient times. The concept of the “evil eye” is seen in several cultures, especially around the Mediterranean, where people often wear charms to direct away the evil eye, which is believed to cause mental or bodily injury. You’ll always be protected when wearing the Evil Eye Protection Necklace. The round pearlized evil eye with a light blue “pupil” is set amongst dazzling crystal stones and stares back at the world to keep the wearer from negativity. Evil eye jewelry has been seen all across the fashion world and is worn by many celebrities.

Our Hamsa with Evil Eye Necklace features a small sterling silver hand that sparkles with crystals with a blue evil eye in the center to offer even more. Known as the Hand of God, the word “Hamsa” literally means five in the Arabic language. Although it is associated with Islam and Judaism, it predates them as it has been found in Mesopotamian artifacts. The necklace will bring good luck and good fortune to the wearer in addition to the protection from evil from the outside world.

These unique pieces of jewelry perfectly combine beauty, style, fashion and meaning to create a gift that truly shows how much you care. If you’re looking for yourself, you’ve found the ideal accessory to make a statement–both on a stylistic level and a spiritual level.

We hope you have a blissful day! (But with this jewelry, how could you not?!)




Comment from Danielle
Time November 1, 2011 at 7:26 pm

I have so many pieces from LBM. And I am complimented all the time on them. I also buy all my gifts from LBM and the receiver of the gift is always thrilled with what ever it is. Helen and Jen are the BEST! They are so helpful and sweet.

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