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Archive for February, 2015

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3 Somethings Mom Will Love

So we’re all on the hunt for a Mother’s Day gift that she will truly enjoy. We even have a extra week to fulfill our mission of love and appreciation. We at LBM Gifts are going on a decade of offering gift giving ideas and selection for Mother’s Day to our wonderful customers! From tried and [...]

Beyond the Cross for First Communion

The Spring season is the host to many wonderful occasions and yearly events. Having just celebrated both Easter and the commencement of Passover this past weekend, there are still several noteworthy affairs on the calendar. The month of May is traditionally the time of year for a child’s First Communion.  Young boys and girls have been [...]

14 Ways to Celebrate “Earth Day”

The environment was not of major concern until President Kennedy  came to office in 1962. He went on a national conversation tour to create awareness of this issue. Although the tour was not an immediate success it was the launching pad to what we now recognize as Earth Day.   It is Senator Nelson who [...]

Guess Who’s Coming to Passover?

Passover is the Jewish Spring Holiday that commemorates the story of the Israelite’ escape from slavery in Egypt to freedom.  Every year, Jews gather for the Seder meal to reenact the story of this journey. It is followed by eight days of eating only unleavened bread. Are you and your family lucky “invitees” to a Passover Seder [...]